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Solar-Fabrik AG: double-sided, high-performance Premium L dual power modules increase yield by 25%

Press Release June 6, 2012

Freiburg, June 6, 2012. At this year’s Intersolar Europe, the biggest event of the solar industry, Solar-Fabrik presents its innovative high-performance Premium L dual power modules. 60 monocrystalline 6-inch cells generate electrical energy on both the front and reverse sides of the module.
As a result, Premium L dual power modules increase yield by up to 25% with the same module surface area and generates higher return.

“The new Premium L dual power module allows us to achieve our promise of Premium quality in an innovative and impressive manner,” explains Guenter Weinberger, Solar-Fabrik AG’s CEO. “We make extremely efficient use of both the core material silicon and the natural resource of sunlight. The front side of the transparent module faces the sun, whereas the reverse side uses diffuse radiation and re-flected light from the background. The revolutionary double-sided bifacial cells, combined with Solar-Fabrik’s technological expertise and many years of experience, are the key behind the new module type.”

Up to 25% greater yield with same surface area

Solar installations with Premium L dual power modules generate approximately 15–25% more power compared with conventional installations. A sufficiently large distance from the ground, the inclination of the modules and, more importantly, the brightness and reflective power of the background surface (albedo) are crucial for this.



Increased yield

Open terrain/ Field/Grassland


Approx. 10%

Grey concrete


Approx. 15%

Bright film


Approx. 25%

Fresh snow


Approx. 30%

Premium L dual power modules are made of 60 monocrystalline 6-inch cells and are available in three power ratings: 240, 245 and 250 Watts (W). Up to 300 W of effective output can be achieved with a rated capacity of 240 W, and up to 313 W with a rated capacity of 250 W. Vertically installed installations, e.g. on noise-insulating walls or building façades, generate 40–50% more power.
The performance ratio (PR)* – approx. 82% in conventional installations – can reach over 100% in a Premium L dual power installation.

Higher return on investment

The 15–25% higher energy yields make a solar installation with Premium L dual power modules especially profitable. The substructure and assembly cost no more than for conventional installations. Measured against the higher yield, this reduces the overall investment cost, which in turn shortens the payback period and in-creases return on investment.

New installation possibilities

The same mounting technology can be used to install the Premium L dual power modules as is used in conventional installations. The new module opens up a diverse range of new installation possibilities and its double-sided power gen-eration makes it ideally suited for:

•    Flat roofs
•    Open terrain
•    Shaded areas
•    Carports and canopies
•    Railings or noise-insulating walls
•    Façades / cold façades
•    Greenhouses
•    Pavilions

Solar-Fabrik AG
Solar-Fabrik AG, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Freiburg im Breisgau, ranks among Europe’s leaders in solar technology. Its products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and the company is DIN ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Good installation yields depend on exceptional quality management. This includes the selection of high-quality materials, state-of-the-art production technology, careful processing, continuous further development and system optimization.
Solar-Fabrik’s ultra-modern production plant in Freiburg has a capacity of 210
megawatts (MW). Approximately 260 employees work at the headquarters in Freiburg. Solar-Fabrik’s network of experienced installation partners across Europe ensures that customers receive expert advice as well as professional plant construction and installation.

*  Performance ratio: PR = energy yield / (annual irradiation on module surface x degree of module efficiency under standard test conditions). The performance ratio is a measure of installation quality which is largely not site-specific.

** Albedo: The albedo is a measurement of the reflectivity ratio of diffusely reflecting surfaces.

Data sheet Premium L dual Power

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