Founded in 1996, Solar Fabrik is one of the most traditional companies in the photovoltaic sector.

It was acquired by Christian Laibacher in 2016, revitalised and new products were added.

Since then, it has been a family-run business and benefits from over 20 years of experience in the production of German quality photovoltaic modules. The Laibacher Group combines its broad-based experience from its production company Solar Fabrik and its existing system wholesale business with over 10 years of wholesale expertise since 2018 within Solar Fabrik. Solar Fabrik expanded its product range with carefully selected OEM products to meet the different demands of customers on the market. These products are subject to continuous quality assurance and control to Solar Fabrik’s high standards. Solar Fabrik supplies its customers worldwide on-demand and attaches great value to personal contact with customers. Long-term and long-lasting customer and supplier relationships underpin the company’s desire for continuity and trust-based cooperation.


Solar Fabrik products are based on many years of experience, new ideas and innovative new developments. They represent guaranteed maximum profitability and optimum returns. The exceptional quality of the modules is ensured by the careful selection of components, long-term testing and ongoing quality assurance.

“Premium Quality” Solar Fabrik modules include a 20-year product guarantee, while “Classic Quality” modules include a 12-year guarantee.

Ce qui nous distingue

Voici quelques chiffres sur l’entreprise Solar Fabrik:

1200volume de modules vendus en mégawatts
20ans de garantie produit sur les modules « Premium Quality »
20ans d’expérience dans la production de modules
12ans de garantie produit sur les modules « Classic Quality »

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